Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Pics from the Chinatown tour on Saturday May 26th.
Glenn Chu, Indigo's chef, graciously gave Slow Foodies a two hour tour of his neighborhood. The tour consisted of tea and a fabulous lunch at Indigo followed by a walking tour of Chinatown.

This from Slow Foodie, Carrie Mukaida, on the meal at Indigo. He (Glen Chu) started by preparing some chili oil: sauteeing dried chilis in grapeseed oil - which he used for cooking the remaining menu items.

Comparison tasting of the two different priced ahi sashi - the presentation was beautiful, with fresh ogo, corn shoots, Indigo's own pickled ginger (not at all like the gari usually served), shredded daikon.

Tofu stir-fried with shoyu, balsamic vinegar, garlic
Japanese eggplant sauteed with shoyu, balsamic vinegar, garlic, cilantro
Cake noodles (e-mein) with stir-fried long beans

Dessert: a beautiful platter of Thai watermelon, strawberry, flourless chocolate cake (fabulous) and the lilikoi from his backyard - not your usual variety - sweet, aromatic, non-acidic - almost a different fruit from the usual lilikoi.

The sugarcane juice was very refreshing - especially since it was crushed with calamansi.

It was great to see and hear of his passion for using locally raised/caught products!

(Laurie) MAHALO for all you do to promote/organize Slow Foods! carrie