Monday, December 15, 2008

Teahouse event

A report from member Mae Isonaga:
Members and friends gathered for a delightful bento-style luncheon at the Natsunoya Teahouse on November 9. The bento featured a wide assortment of favorites, including miso soup, sashimi, nigiri sushi, shrimp and vegetable tempura, agedashi tofu, and kinpira. Member Michelle Phillips prepared a lovely fresh vegetable platter with miso dip, and her guest Deb Christensen prepared a delicious seared ahi on shiso leaf, which were enjoyed as pupu. The group tasted a Japanese beer made from barley and rice, Koshihikari, that had a clean, fresh flavor. Kikusui junmai ginjo sake made from rice grown in the same region as the Koshihikari was passed around for all to enjoy.
Nan Geller set the stage for our gathering with her colorful description of Japanese teahouses and their place in Japanese society. We learned about teahouse etiquette, and even a little about kabuki! Larry Geller contributed his mana’o on teahouse architecture, and the style and symbolism of different components of the teahouse.
Guava sorbetto from member Chris Murai’s A Latta Gelata capped off a most convivial gathering of SFO members and friends.